Transitional Kindergarten

St. Pius X Transitional Kindergarten Policy

Age, academic skill mastery, and social and emotional maturity all play a part in a student’s Kindergarten success. Students who reach the age of five before the state of Ohio’s cutoff date of September 30, but need more practice to master preschool skills or foster social and emotional maturity will be recommended to the Transitional Kindergarten Program.

However, if a student has not successfully completed a structured preschool program, they must do so before acceptance into Kindergarten. At their young age, some may have limited experience interacting with peers and teachers, while others may not yet know how to listen or follow a structured class schedule.

Transitional Kindergarten bridges the path between Preschool and Kindergarten and gives students the gift of time that will help students build a strong academic and social emotional foundation for success in school.

Students are allowed to progress through the Transitional Kindergarten program, at a slower pace, with less pressure, giving them more time to develop academically and socially.

Transitional Kindergarten students partake in all specials at St. Pius X, including fine arts, foreign language, technology and physical education.

The St. Pius X Transitional Kindergarten will include a two year Kindergarten experience. The first year will accommodate the student’s age, maturity level, academic skill level and specialized needs. The second year will challenge the student to meet and/or exceed the rigorous demands of the Common Core State Standards.

A February screening process and conference will be conducted to assess growth in academic and social skills. At this conference, goals for year two will be determined to ensure your student’s school success.