Dress Code

Consistent with the high standards set for behavior and academics at St. Pius X School, we believe that personal grooming should be approached with the same attention to detail and self-discipline.

It is expected that students will be compliant with the school uniform dress code at all times during the school day.

Should a student arrive at school without proper uniform, the parent(s) will be notified to bring to school the missing and/or appropriate clothing item(s).

If the parent is unable to bring the necessary clothing item(s) to school, the student will be sent home for the day.

The student will not be permitted to attend class until they are in proper uniform.

This includes proper school shoes.

Repeated occasions of noncompliance with dress code will result in formal discipline.

General Guidelines

(Navy Blue applies K-5; Khaki & Black applies 6-8 only; Uniform plaid – Girls K-8)


Long or short sleeve polo and turtleneck- white, gray, royal (puma) blue or black (6-8 only). Students can wear undershirts that are visible at the neck only and the undershirt must be white. Students may not wear long sleeve undershirts with short sleeve polo shirts. No logos permitted other than the St. Pius X logo.

Dress Pants

Navy blue (K-5 only), charcoal gray, or black (6-8 only). Uniform plaid dress pants are also acceptable for the girls. Pants must be in good repair and must be worn at the waist. Cargo pants are not permitted. Pants may not be “jean” or “skinny” style.

Skirts/Skorts (6-8)

Must be uniform plaid, charcoal gray or black, and must be worn within two inches of the top of the knee. (Skorts are defined as clothing that looks like a skirt from the front view but has shorts under the skirt.)

Skirts/Skorts (4-5)

Must be plaid, charcoal gray, or navy, and worn within two inches of the top of the knee. (Skorts are defined as clothing that looks like a skirt from the front view but has shorts under the skirt.)

Jumpers (K-3)

Solid navy or plaid. See Schoolbelles for St. Pius patterned jumpers. Jumpers must be worn within two inches of the top of the knee. Jumpers are for K-3 only.


White, black, gray, or navy blue. Socks must cover the anklebone. Socks/tights are required every day of school. Leggings for girls are permissible if they are the same color as their skirt/jumper with NO decoration and must be ankle length and worn with matching color socks.

School Shoes (K-5)

May be dress shoes with rubber soles or athletic shoes. Open back, heels, and open toes are not permitted. (6-8) must be dress-style shoes with rubber soles. Open back, high heels, and open-toed are not permitted for safety reasons. Athletic shoes are permitted on gym days (Tuesday and Thursday) only.


Must be white and button down the front of shirt.


Must be solid colors- white, royal (puma) blue, black, or gray. The sweaters can be cardigans, V-necks, 1/4 zips, and sweater vests. Sweaters must be clean-cut, may not have hoods, appliques, or jewels, and may not be longer than skirt length.

Shorts (Boys)

Navy blue (K-5 only), charcoal gray or black (6-8 only) dress shorts may be worn. Shorts must be worn at the waist. Shorts must be worn within two inches of the top of the knee.

Shorts (Girls)

Must be plaid, navy blue (K-5 only), charcoal gray or black (6-8 only and must be worn within two inches of the top of the knee. (Skorts are defined as clothing which looks like a skirt from the front view but has shorts under the skirt.)

Additional Guidelines


Shorts may be worn from the first day of school until the last day of first quarter, then again May 1st until the last day of school, unless otherwise permitted by the administration.

No Cargo Pants or Shorts Are Permitted

Pants/shorts can have two pockets in the front and two in the back only. POCKETS MUST BE ON THE INSIDE OF THE PANTS. No “jean” or “skinny” style.

Shirts Tucked In

Shirts, turtlenecks and blouses must always be tucked in unless shirt has the banded bottom.

Scout uniforms

Scout uniforms may be worn on meeting days.

Dress-Up Days

All shirts must have sleeves, and open-toed dress shoes may be worn with nylons/tights. Stomachs must be completely covered, even when arms are completely raised. Dresses/skirts must be worn within two inches of the top of the knee.

Field Trips

Students must wear regular uniforms unless prior permission is granted.

Jeans Days

Jeans Days allow students to wear jean pants, capris, shorts or jeans skirts. Holes or rips in jeans are not permitted. On Jeans Days students may also wear their sweatpants from the Phys. Ed. uniform. Pants that resemble leggings are not acceptable unless a knee-length (tunic style) shirt is worn. Any type of school-appropriate top is allowed. Jeans Days are normally $1.00 days to support various causes and needs of our school community.

Hooded Sweatshirts

Hooded sweatshirts are permitted as part of Phys. Ed uniform only. Hoods may not be on in the building at any time. Violations will result in loss of privilege.

St. Pius X Spirit Wear

Spirit wear is permitted on Jeans Days, Spirit Days, or Phys. Ed. Days. Must be purchased from St. Pius X, Wilkinson’s or Schoolbelles.


Belts are encouraged for all but only required in grades 5-8. Must be gray, black, or navy blue.

Hats / Caps

Hats or caps may not be worn in the building.

Hairstyles (Boys)

Hair length needs to be above the shirt collar. Hair cannot obstruct vision. Distracting hair dye and distracting haircuts are not permitted. Boys must be clean-shaven.

Hairstyles (Girls)

Hairstyles and hair decoration must be moderate so as not to cause a distraction. No non-natural hair color (pink, blue, etc.) is permitted. All hair accessories must match uniform color, i.e. no neon colors.


We discourage jewelry due to safety concerns. NO dangly earrings are permitted. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings. One necklace and/or bracelet is permitted.


Makeup must be used in moderation. Eye shadow or mascara is not permitted.

Nail Polish

Nail Polish is allowed but must be neatly manicured. Nail polish remover is provided by the school to remove the unacceptable nail color/art whenever applicable.

Required Phys. Ed. Uniform

  • Phys Ed Uniform- royal blue or gray t-shirt, royal blue or gray mesh shorts, royal blue or gray sweatpants, and a royal blue or gray sweatshirt-all with St. Pius logo, tennis shoes.
  • Phys Ed uniforms- must be worn on Tuesday and Thursday, tennis shoes- All grades are required
  • No other Logo Wear is allowed on Phys. Ed days – only the logo of St. Pius X
  • Students may wear white undershirts with the Phys. Ed. uniform, but it can only be visible in the collar area, not hanging out the sleeves or at the bottom of the shirt. The Phys. Ed. uniform must be in good repair. Holes or frayed hems are not permitted. The Phys Ed. Uniform shorts and pants must be worn at the waist.

Dress Code Violations are issued to anyone who does not follow the guidelines set forth. Three or more violations per quarter may result in suspension.

The administration reserves the right to give the final determination of whether a student is following the dress code.